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Advantage WIND

Wind power now supplies 3% of the world's electricity and 4.4% of the power in the United States, and is expected to more than double in the next five years. 


The Future Is Being Planned Now

By 2050, wind energy is projected to capture 35% of the world's power market. In addition, the federal government and many states have numerous rebate, or tax credit programs.

about us

Applying state of the art alloys and composite materials, Vortexis turbines are designed to last in the harshest environments. Vortexis recently completed a contract for NOAA, designing a wind energy system suitable for installation on ocean buoys off Alaska - how's that for tough? ​Vortexis will work with our clients to fully understand the application and then provide the perfect energy solution.

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A Florida based company, we were initially an engineering research and development concern, rooted in the physics and engineering labs of the university environment. Now, with revolutionary patents and patents pending, Vortexis is a company poised to bring the science of wind energy capture to residential, commercial, and government applications ranging from disaster relief (FEMA) to NOAA to SpecOps.

Suitable for today's microelectronics (which just a short time ago required Watts, then milliWatts, and now just a few microWatts), nano wind power enables even satellite communications of off-grid data! We once were a company without a market, now we are a company that can support the energy needs of the ever-growing off-grid information gathering marketplace. Consider these applications:

Disaster Relief:

  • Charging cell phones and radios;
  • Supplying power for LED lighting;
  • Easily deployable hybrid system.

Weather Monitoring (land stations & sea based buoys):

  • Augmenting low-energy solar panels installed at high-lattitudes;
  • Designs for extremely harsh conditions.

Land & Crop Management: 

  • Agricultural conditions sensors;
  • Tide and groundwater monitoring.

ELINT Sensors & Systems:

  • Listening outposts;
  • Sea-based UUV monitoring & control;
  • Set & forget systems.

The patented Black Swan turbines from Vortexis provide 20% to 40% more energy output to comparable VAWT turbines of the same "rating" available in the market today, achieving turbine efficiency that is a remarkable 88% of what is theoretically possible.