RE Advantage

Wind power now supplies 3% of the world's electricity and 4.4% of the power in the United States, and is expected to more than double in the next five years. 


The Future Is Being Planned Now

By 2050, wind energy is projected to capture 35% of the world's power market. In addition, the federal government and many states have numerous rebate, or tax credit programs.

Testing & Evaluation

Craig Technologies Aerospace

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A Florida based company, Vortexis Energy Solutions, Inc. is principally an engineering Research and Development concern, rooted in the physics and engineering labs of the university environment, now with a disruptive technology ready for enterprise. The result is a patented, game-changing, aerospace-engineered, "small, micro and nano" vertical axis wind power system that can be deployed in urban, suburban, rural, marine, and remote off-grid environments. This patented turbine system from VORTEXIS,known as Black Swan Wind Turbines, provides 20% to 40% more energy output compared to comparable VAWT turbines of the same "rating" available in the market today, achieving turbine efficiency that is a remarkable 88% of what is theoretically possible. 


about us

Applying new, almost alien composite skin  made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in a manufacturing processing and milling similar to that of the latest generation of fighter aircraft such as the F-35, enables Vortexis turbines to be lighter and stronger than any in the marketplace. The result has been a remarkably robust, compact,  and  game -changing  system,  whose  performance  characteristics  dramatically save both money and precious earth  resources, while at the same time


introduces micro and nano wind into the mainstream of alternative  energy choices.