When purchasing a residential wind turbine systems, become knowledgeable with wind turbine facts. To achieve maximum energy efficiency, you should take a whole-building approach. View your home as an energy system with interrelated parts, all of which work synergistically to contribute to the efficiency of the system. From the insulation in your home’s walls to the light bulbs in its fixtures, there are many ways to make your home more efficient.

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residential - wind applications

A Vortexis Wind Energy System (WES) can provide you with a practical and economical source of electricity depending upon several factors:

  • Your property has good wind resources;
  • Your local zoning codes or covenants allow wind turbines mounted 10 meters above roof line;
  • You can determine how much electricity you need or want to produce;
  • It works for you economically (you may be eligible for state/utility or federal incentives);
  • You don't have access to utility grid power.